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Wednesday, 8 October 2014 @ 10:53

Everyone has people they are grateful for and here are mine. These are the people who've left me laughing till my stomach ached, who've shared midnight Mcdonalds meals with me, who've seen me cry till there were no tears left and who've also sat through each others' darkest hours. Our friendship, though formed very unconventionally, is truly divine and also a mark of how He sees us through the dry seasons, even if we felt like He didn't exist anymore. This past one year has felt like a dreadful walk through the wilderness, but ironically also a very eventful twelve months. Though i may have failed a few times, got my heart broken and lost a few friendships; I've met so many wonderful people, landed the internship of my dreams but most importantly: I've grown up.  

And though it is *JUST OCTOBER*, it hardly ever is too late to look back to reflect. In a mere two months, 2014 will be over and then comes a fresh start. Graduation, turning twenty one and stepping into the working world are only a few things i can think of from the back of my head that will be significant changes for the coming year. I'm REALLY excited for all of that but first, let's make these last two months of 2014 count. 

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Monday, 29 September 2014 @ 10:23

      Wearing | tee from WORK IT!,, Pendant necklace from The Ordinary Co., disco pants from primark, denim vest from Sportsgirl, Slip ons from Topshop

How was everyone's weekend? 

I spent my weekend away from my phone, which might be the sole reason i had such an awesome two days. Free from social media (besides the updating of instagram, once or twice), free from whatsapp, f-r-e-e. I apologise if i took a long time to reply to emails, texts etc. I thought of how being on my phone practically all the time has made me such a sad person. It really has, and it took me so long to realise. I'd check instagram, whatsapp, twitter and facebook almost every five minutes. It's mindless and most importantly: it sucks the life out of you. I threw my phone aside. I made myself a nice cup of tea, threw on some boxers and spent the day watching countless episodes of Sex and The City. I practically lazed around all day but with the consciousness of I observed the way the sun danced down on my curtains, the soft purring of jewel from the sofa, the distant chatter of people from below and it was pleasantly comforting. I felt my spirits being lifted and my soul well, a bit of my soul came back again. It's time we start shifting our eyes away from our phones and onto what the world has to offer, instead.

P.S: the lovely dudes at has kindly invited me to write up a post on their site about my experience with film but most importantly, my adventures with a disposable camera! Stay tuned, the post should be out this week

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Tuesday, 23 September 2014 @ 02:29

Wearing: Top from, Shorts (thrifted), earrings from H&M, watch from, Marble print paper wallet from
(Pictures: Annette)
P.s Cafe, Palais Renaissance 

Tucked away in a quiet corner of Palais Renaissance, is one of my favourite spots to frequent and have coffee and CAKE. I was so pleased when the waiter let us sit outside because i really like dining alfresco because 1) Good lighting for my instagram picture (guilty as charged) and 2) the fresh air does me good every now and then. 

I'll let you in on a secret: P.s Cafe is one of my ideal *DATE* location i've fantasized about countlessly and have definitely gushed about one too many times to Annette (sorry boo). The first time i came with a few friends and we devoured their truffle fries. "Doesn't it feel like we're at some cafe overlooking central park? someone said, and i couldn't agree more. Maybe it's me, or the excessive reruns of Sex and the City i've been watching but P.s Cafe certainly makes me feel very carrie bradshaw-esque?! Does it not? 

I'm all for the cafe culture, which is pretty common in singapore, but i do have my doubts about certain places. P.s cafe, is not one of it. Of everything to talk about, Ambience is the first.You get moms feeding their kids over coffee with friends, couples who argue occasionally and first dates with the "no-let-me-get-the-bill" dance and then there's me..... in the corner with one of my closest friends, stuffing our faces with our favourite double chocolate cake and truffle fries and talking about our latest happenings in our lives. It's our thing, like: i need to tell you about so and so omg CAN WE HAVE TRUFFLE FRIES PLEASE?! 

So, again we go: the ambience? on point. Quiet, but not too quiet. You get huuuuuge plants in the middle of the place both indoors and out, and their beautiful tiles + marble finishings. The food? divine. Especially their coffee, SUPER rich. But you must be wondering.....the price? Slightly steep and more than what you'd pay at an average cafe but it's definitely worth every cent. Every time.

note to self: Next visit to P.s, I promise i'll *TRY* not to order their cake and fries AGAIN, hehe

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Sunday, 21 September 2014 @ 06:37

IMG_2499 copy

Do you move on to better things, or stay; with the hopes that things will change? 

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Tuesday, 16 September 2014 @ 04:14

wearing/ pants from Bangkok, Top from H&M, watch from
(pictures by Ellie)

Thoughts: Do people need to fall apart before they fall back together? 

It's been a great week so far, besides the fact that i've been sneezing and coughing my lungs out. I finally wore these pants out again, despite them being a size too small. It makes my booty look good but boy do i have to hold my breath everytime i sit!!! Also, i've been reading a lot of Lang Leav lately, maybe you should check her out.

 Countdown: 1 more month left of internship

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